fallen leaves commemorating Oakleigh district men who served and died during World War 1.

By Andrew J Kilsby, Peter Beckett, and Helen Gobbi.
Published in 2010 by the Victorian Branch inc. of the Military Historical Society of Australia.

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List of soldiers in the book fallen leaves.

Bateman, Sydney Ambrose

Bray, Roy Leonard

Brennan, Frank Patrick

Bromley, John Thomas

Brown, Stanley Gordon

Coleman, Harry

Connell, James Herbert

Crowther, Percy William

Davis, George Young

Davis, Reginald Stanley

Dixon, Archibald Sydney

Dixon, Albert Charles

Dobson, Ernest Albert

Doolan, William Richard

Downing, Gerald

Edwards, Eric Raymond

Fenning, George

Foster, Walter Henry

Good, John Thomas

Hale, Thomas

Hall, Alfred Edmond

Hayward, George Francis

Hendrick, Roy Roland

Hivon, Charles James

Hughes, Frederick Harold

Hunter, James Blakeley

Jennings, Harold Charles

Jordan, Errnest Wooton

Kennaugh, Frederick Joseph

Lacey, Arthur Ainsworth

Looker, Frederick Keith

Looker, William Robert

Martin, Antony Matthew

Mathrick, Cecil Benjamin

McCarthy, Andrew Francis

McPherson, Leslie John

McPherson, William Allan

Munro, Archibald

Neil, Leonard John James

Oliver, Cecil Stanley

Orr, Vincent William

Osborne, Alexander Henry

Parker, John Livingstone

Pollard, Joseph Harold

Richardson, George William Henry

Roscoe, Leslie

Rowan, William Stedeford

Russell, James Harold

Salter, George Edward

Sanders, Clarence Arthur

Seamark, Cyril

Slattery, John

Sloggatt, Guy Rosevear

Smith, Alfred John

Stafford, George Sylvester

Tait, Robert Whigham

Taylor, Clarence Churchill Julius

Thexton, George Clifton

Thexton, James Winwick

Thexton, William George

Turner, John Richard

Walkerden, Alfred

Watson, William

Watson, Roy Henry

Wearne, Alfred James

Whitehead, Herbert Charles

Wicking, Oswald Mallam

Withers, William Edward

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